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Master Crypto Dice Games & Pick The Best Site to Play

Published on

May 30, 2024

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May 30, 2024

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The Hottest Categories for Dice Gambling Sites

In the table that you can see below, we are going to tell you which are the hottest categories when it comes to Dice gambling sites. Nowadays, there are literally tons of Bitcoin casinos where you can play Dice games with real money. Take a look at the table to find out which is the best Provably Fair Dice casino, where you can hit the biggest Jackpot or scoop the highest bonus. Furthermore, you will discover which site has the lowest House Edge and which casino is best for mobile gameplay!

🎲 Best Provably Fair Dice SiteBCGAME
🎮 Highest Jackpot on Dice GameBitsler
💰 Best Bonus for Dice Gambling SitesDuckDice
📈 Best Website offering the Lowest House EdgeBetfury
📱 Best Mobile-Compatible Dice SiteTrustDice

Which is the Best Bitcoin Dice Site?

To find out which is the best Bitcoin Dice site, we had to go through 120+ online casinos and test their games. While testing them, we are doing a thorough analysis of many factors that, when combined together, we get the idea of whether they should be named among the best Bitcoin Dice sites. So, if you are interested in finding the best Dice casinos for gambling with Bitcoin, continue reading, and you will learn everything you need to know about that topic.

What do We Mean by Crypto Dice Games?

At CryptoGamble, when we speak of crypto Dice Games, we refer to all games that belong to this category that you can play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and many other cryptocurrencies. These games usually use a Provably Fair algorithm, making them fair and transparent. The beauty of crypto Dice games lies in the revolutionary crypto transactions through the revolutionary blockchain technology.

Because of the Provably Fair system, each game’s outcomes can be verified for its randomness. In addition, many crypto Dice casinos are anonymous, meaning you can play there without adding your personal info.

Another perk of playing crypto Dice games is the crypto’s fast payouts and secure transactions. This is of huge importance to most crypto gamblers since they can stay assured that they can receive their withdrawals and winnings within minutes, not days!

Furthermore, Bitcoin Dice games’ RTP is higher than the industry average, often reaching up to 99% (especially if playing In-House games) on some of the best crypto Dice casinos we mentioned above.

In the following sections, we will give you more details about their payouts, how to play them, their pros and cons, strategies, and finally, how to select the best Bitcoin dice games!

Average RTP & Max Payout

Casino NameGameRTPMax MultiplierLink to Play
BC.GameHash Dice (Originals)99%99,000xPlay BCGAME Dice
TrustDiceDice (Originals)98.5%24.625xPlay at TrustDice
RoobetDice (In-House)97%9,900xPlay Roobet Dice
DuelbitsDice (In-House)99%9,900.99xPlay Duelbits Dice
BitslerDice (In-House)99%9,900xPlay Bitsler Dice
WindiceDice (In-House)99%9,900xPlay at Windice
DuckdiceDice (In-House)99%9,900xPlay at DuckDice
StakeDice (Originals)99%9,900xPlay Stake Dice
CryptoLeoRobo Dice (In-House)97%9,700xPlay CryptoLeo Dice
BetfurySpace Dice99.02%9,902xPlay BetFury Dice
500.CasinoDice (500 Classics)99%9,900xPlay 500 Casino Dice
GamdomDice (In-House)99%49.5xPlay Gamdom Dice

How to Play a Dice Casino Game

Playing online Dice casino games can be really fun and rewarding if you have a bit of luck. Your main goal is simple: predict the outcome of the rolls of the dice. However, to do that, we advise you to follow the list of steps below:

  • Choose a licensed casino: Select one of the Dice casinos in this guide, and you will be ready.
  • Create an account and make a deposit: Create an account and make a deposit (at least $20) so you can play the best crypto Dice casino games.
  • Choose the Dice game from the collection: Look into the collection of Dice games, check their RTPs and fairness method (Provably Fair or RNG), and make your pick (check the above table for a quick comparison).
  • Check the rules: Before betting on the game, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the rules and maybe even try the Dice casino game demo if available.
  • Set limits/Use bankroll management: Set limits and a budget and stick to them.
  • Place your bets: Decide on the amount of your bet, target payout, or target percentage, choosing from options like single number bets, even/odd, triple bets, or other available bets, depending on the game.
  • Roll the Dice: Click the “Roll” button to hope for the best outcome you are betting upon.

Exploring the Game Interface

Auto Betting

Auto betting is an important feature that helps players who want to automate their own strategies. This allows you to set up the number of bets, add a stop profit and loss, and select if you want to reset the game after hitting a profit/loss or increase after either scenario. With Auto Betting, you can really set advanced strategies that can work in your favor if used for the short term until you profit.

Utilizing Hotkeys

The hotkeys are another great feature that will make your gambling experience with Bitcoin Dice even more straightforward. Almost every Dice game, also seen in the best crash gambling sites, provides this feature with unique hotkeys. These are pre-set lines of buttons you can press to activate a particular command in a snap.

With your keyboard, you can set your buttons to do a certain action, just like you can see in the image above. This feature makes gaming much easier, facilitating betting without the mouse, and much more comfortable.

Live Statistics

Everyone with some experience with online gambling knows that trends are real, and sometimes, the impossible becomes possible, mainly because of patterns repeating over time. Luckily for you, almost all Bitcoin Dice games offer live statistics where you can quickly glance at the game trend and check what other players are doing, their results, payouts, and even find out about their strategies. From our experience, this is the most crucial crypto Dice feature.

Top 5 Payment Options We Used for Dice Games

The Bitcoin Dice casinos nowadays accept a whole range of cryptocurrencies, but each one has some different payment methods from the rest. In our pursuit to play, analyze, and give feedback, we used more than 20 different coins when depositing. However, our top picks are the cryptocurrencies that are more widely used, have bigger market cap, and are more stable. If you are guessing which are our top 5 payment methods for playing Dice games online, take a look at the table below:

Crypto Payment MethodCrypto Site

Bitcoin Dice Strategies: Do They Work? There are many popular and profitable Bitcoin Dice strategies that you can use when playing any crypto Dice game. However, the real question that we should ask is: are the Dice strategies really working? While different strategies can be used depending on your playing style (ex., playing riskier or with safer bets), none of these can guarantee that you will win. Don’t get us wrong, of course, you can win even without a strategy, but nothing is sure because of the randomized nature of the game.

The main tip we want to share with you is to understand that playing Bitcoin Dice is a type of gambling and not trust any strategy you can find online unquestioningly. Trust us, the chances are that you can end up losing more than winning if you follow any of them.

You might be thinking now: how to play Bitcoin Dice games? The answer is the following: The strategy that you should use needs to be based on setting win and loss limits before you start playing.

_For example, if you decide to deposit $300 and play Dice casino games, set a limit that you will stop playing if you win more than $150. Also, to prevent losing everything, if you lose $100, just click the “x” button, and that’s it for the day. Of course, you will choose whether to chase a high multiplier or a 1:1 bet but remember that it’s safer if you make smaller bets on high multipliers and vice versa. _

How Is Bitcoin Dice Different From Classic Online Dice? When speaking of the differences between classic online dice games and Bitcoin Dice games, we have to say that there are a few of them. First of all, Bitcoin Dice games usually use a Provably Fair algorithm, whereas classic online Dice games are RNG-based. Also, Bitcoin Dice games have better RTP, bigger max multipliers, and faster gameplay. Furthermore, they allow faster withdrawals and bigger max bets and come with the possibility of setting advanced Autoplay modules.

Worst Crypto Dice Games

In this section, we are going to speak about the worst crypto Dice games. Among all the Dice casino games, some are not very interesting, and the chances are that you won’t like to play them after a while. Take a look at the worst Bitcoin Dice games below:

Rocket Dice by BGaming – When you open the Rocket Dice game, you will start thinking that you traveled back in time or that your display is bugging. However, none of that is true because the graphics of this game are terrible. On top of that, the maximum multiplier you can get is only 35.3x, making the game not appealing to anyone who’s after big wins. ❌ Dice Twice by TurboGames – The Dice Twice game uses a Provably Fair system and has much better graphics than the previously mentioned game. However, the maximum multiplier that you can score here is limited to 32.5x, which is even worse than the one of Rocket Dice.

How to Select the Best Bitcoin Dice Sites

We did the hard job for you by analyzing over a hundred casinos in order to find the best Bitcoin Dice sites. However, in the next sections, you can see the criteria we were considering when choosing which of these Dice gambling sites deserve to be considered among the “Best”.

Provably Fair System

The first thing you should consider when choosing a Bitcoin Dice casino is the availability of a Provably Fair system. If there are no Provably Fair Dice games available, we advise you not to play there. The reason we are saying this is because the Provably Fair algorithm allows you to check the fairness of each dice roll, and there is no possibility of rigged outcomes.

Cryptocurrency Support

On the best Bitcoin Dice casinos, you can place bets in multiple cryptocurrencies. While most of them allow deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, some of them offer deposits in lots of Altcoins like Dash, Neo, Shiba Inu, Steller, and more. Also, the majority of Bitcoin casinos have the “Buy Crypto” option, which can be used to buy cryptocurrencies directly with your credit/debit cards.

Game Variety

The Next thing on the list is the variety of Dice games. While all of the Dice games are somewhat similar to one another, at some moment, you can just get bored with one game’s graphics and would like to change it. We think that it is convenient if you have at least 3 options to choose from, so keep that in mind when looking for a Bitcoin Dice gambling site.

Advanced Betting System

Another important fact that you should consider is if the casino has Dice games with advanced betting systems. Usually, the In-House or Originals Dice games have this kind of system, where you can set up an automated betting system that will increase or decrease your bet after a loss or a win. You can also set at which points (bankroll-wise speaking) the system should stop, which can be useful to restrict yourself from compulsive gambling behavior.

User Interface and Experience

In order for you to have an enjoyable gaming experience, the Dice casino should offer a nice UX and UI. We always choose to play at a casino with a good interface because we somehow get bored when playing at a casino that has an outdated design.

Bonuses and Promotions

Let’s not forget about bonuses and promotions. A good crypto Dice casino will always run some exclusive promotions and offer bonuses to its players. It is a way of saying: we respect you for choosing us! When taking part in such bonuses and promotions, you are drastically increasing your chances of being a winning player in the long run and even beating the house edge.

House Edge

The last thing on this list is the House Edge, a statistical number that displays the percentage of the “edge” that the casino has on that particular Dice game. If the House Edge is 1%, it means that mathematically, you will be losing 1% of the total value of your bets. Keep in mind that House Edge % + RTP % = 100%. Naturally, you should be playing at online casinos offering Dice games that are high in RTP and low in House Edge.

Our Experience with Bitcoin Dice Sites

To write this in-depth guide, we examined over a hundred Bitcoin Dice casinos, including the ones we didn’t make on the list and dozens of crypto Dice games. Doing so, we made 150+ deposits and around 90 withdrawals, which made us wager a total of $37,729.83. We played both RNG and Provably Fair Dice games, with RTP as low as 95% and as high as 99.02%. Also, we had the opportunity to make deposits with various cryptocurrencies and play a Dice game with a max multiplier of 99,900x (Dicey 7’s).

Basically, what we want to say to you is that Bitcoin Dice games are usually better picks than most casino games because of their high RTP. Also, if fast withdrawals are crucial for you, stick with the Ethereum casinos we discussed above, and you will be getting them within minutes. Do not forget that no Dice game strategy will make you reach; just use common sense and don’t forget to manage your bankroll. That’s all that it takes. Now, since you are prepared to explore the world of Bitcoin Dice gambling, we let you decide which Dice game you will give a go.