Advertising Disclosure

Our Commitment to Transparency and Responsibility

At our core, we believe that great power comes with great responsibilities. We are committed to being open and transparent about our actions because we understand that you, our visitor, are directly impacted by them. We embrace the power of influence with the utmost responsibility, ensuring that what we say and promote on our site is something we fully stand behind.

Full Ownership and Transparency

We take full ownership of the content we produce, whether it’s through video or written form. It’s crucial for us to maintain transparency with you. This page is designed to explain how we generate revenue while providing free content on our site.

How We Make Money

Like many affiliate websites, we invest our resources into creating content—conducting our own research and investing real money into the casinos we feature. This enables us to offer high-quality reviews, build ranking pages, and more. We establish B2B partnerships with every casino we list, earning a commission for every new player that starts playing through our referrals.

However, our responsibility goes beyond content creation. We bring a wealth of experience and value to our community, ensuring that our partnerships do not compromise the integrity of our reviews or content.

Integrity in Partnerships

Unbiased Reviews

One question stands out: Does a partnership influence our reviews or content? The answer is unequivocally no. We never allow financial considerations to influence the opinions we share on our site. Our integrity is paramount; we would rather end a partnership than compromise our values. Our team is committed to building a sustainable, independent, and authentic business, without succumbing to any external pressures to alter genuine experiences shared on our site. We have strict policies in place to address any such attempts.

Open Communication

We believe in keeping you informed of any changes. To further our commitment to transparency, we discuss our partnerships and deals during our live streams, sharing details to ensure you understand that our published content is of the highest quality and integrity.

Our mission is to remain transparent, allowing you to trust that our content, regardless of its form, is created with your best interests at heart.

## Disclaimer: Content Purpose and User Autonomy

Please note that all content provided on our site is intended solely for educational and informational purposes. We do not advocate for or direct you to play at any specific casino; nor do we impose any such obligation upon you. Instead, we offer a platform where you can access and read about our experiences with various websites. It is our aim to empower you with information that, when combined with your own research, enables you to make informed decisions. We respect your autonomy and emphasize that the decision-making process rests entirely with you; our role is not to make those decisions on your behalf.