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Crypto Casino Bonus: Double up your balance from the start

Published on

May 08, 2024

Last updated:

May 13, 2024

We independently evaluate all recommended casinos. We may get a commission if you sign up via our links.

We’ve engaged and gained experience through many Bitcoin casino bonuses upon sign-up. With this knowledge, we are ready to offer an unparalleled comparison of the best crypto casino sites in the English market that provide unique promotions.

You will discover the crème de la crème of crypto casino sign up bonuses, discern the ones to sidestep, grasp essential criteria for bonus assessment, and set close to one another the terms and conditions of our primary casino affiliates to land the finest casino promotions.

The Top 10 Bitcoin Casino Bonus in 2024 based on over $30,000 deposits

Get 20% Cashback for 7 Days

Deposit now to get a 100% bonus matched up to $1,000

Score up to $1000 + 50 Free Spins on your deposit

Up to 100% bonus, claimable as you bet at a rate of Wager Amount x 1% x 20% per bet.

Get a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC

Get a 100% up to $500 + 100 Free Spins

Crypto Casino Bonuses Category most researched

In your pursuit of online gambling sites accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you’ll encounter specific bonuses players prioritize, such as those offering platform trials for free. It’s a known preference for most—casinos inclusive—that no deposit bonuses are highly sought, closely followed by free spins, deposit bonuses, and cashback.

Our focus is to pair you with casinos boasting the premier offers in the bonus category of your preference. It’s crucial to note that several of these casinos proffer multiple crypto bonus options worth exploring. Yet, we’ve spotlighted only one from the extensive array available to streamline your decision-making process.

💰 Best Crypto Deposit BonusBC.GAME
🔄 Best Crypto Cashback BonusBitCasino
🎰 Best Crypto Free SpinsDuelbits
🚫 No Deposit Crypto BonusCoinsGame
🎉 Best Crypto Welcome BonusBetFury
🎮 Best Crypto Wager Free BonusRoobet
📱 Best Crypto Mobile BonusBitsler
📶 Best Crypto Reload Bonus500 Casino
🤑 Best Crypto High Roller BonusFlush

Our Experience with the Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Having claimed over 100 unique Bitcoin Casino Bonuses, our experience spans from lucrative No Deposit bonuses to alluring free spins on newly released slot machines and exclusive rakeback offers. These varied crypto casino bonuses allowed us to experience more, extending our gameplay and improving our understanding of different platforms. It’s important to understand that while bonuses add excitement and potential earnings, casinos meticulously calculate these offers to ensure their profitability, leveraging mathematical precision. However, short-term volatility can play in your favor, potentially converting bonus money into withdrawable cash if played right.

Our journey taught us that the strategic use of bonuses is crucial, and meeting wagering requirements is the gateway to claiming winnings, despite any imposed limits. It also illuminated the reality of casinos with strenuous terms, with only a few presenting fair conditions, often leading to a reevaluation of loyalty and exploration of new Bitcoin casinos. But fret not; our losses are your gain.

Best Bonuses in Crypto Casinos Analyzed one by one

We present a refined list of premier anonymous casinos based on our robust experience, analytical methodology, and keen understanding of procuring casino bonuses. These gambling sites excel in bonus offerings, game diversity, performance, and payment options, ensuring seamless gameplay, claiming bonuses, and fast payouts. We liked the increased anonymity and fortified security, and we are confident you will be exposed to the same circumstances.

Below the list, concise overviews of specific casinos detail our encounters, offering additional guidance in selecting the optimum bonus. For those seeking further assurance, our YouTube Channel chronicles our experiences.

Types of Bonuses Available in Crypto Casinos

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a favored Bitcoin casino bonus, letting players bet without upfront payment, typically offered via free cash or spins. It’s particularly popular for allowing a preview of what a platform offers, enabling play without risk. Winning with a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is a thrill; it’s about playing, enjoying, and, if luck shines, depositing to meet the wager to withdraw. Even if no win occurs, considering the gone dead spins, it entertains and brings you closer to potential future wins. Meeting the usually high wagering requirements can be challenging but worthwhile for exploring platforms.

Free Spins Bonus

A Free Spin bonus is highly sought-after, second only to no deposit bonuses in the crypto gambling world. It typically allows players a specified number of spins on particular slot machines, often with a choice among 3-6 slots, enhancing the allure for Bitcoin casino free spins enthusiasts.

This bonus lets players increase their winning chances and Expected Value (EV) by playing extra rounds at no additional cost. However, it may come with high wagering requirements or caps on winnings, such as $100. Not utilizing such bonuses may lead to missed opportunities, especially during potentially lucrative bonus rounds.

Bitcoin Casino Faucet

A Faucet bonus in the crypto casino realm is essentially a means for players to receive a minimal amount of cryptocurrency for free, making it one of the best Bitcoin casino Faucet features for enthusiasts. This can either be a native token provided by the casino or another form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Typically, casinos offering this bonus allow claims when the player has a zero balance, but some, like TrustDice, permit claims every 6 hours regardless of balance. The amount is usually equivalent to 0.0216 USDT or less and can be used on unique games at provably fair casinos, with some casinos offering more frequent claims depending on your VIP level.

No Wager Bonus

A no wagering bonus, a sought-after feature among no wagering Bitcoin casinos, is an ideal Bitcoin casino bonus for those seeking to withdraw winnings without meeting steep playthrough requirements. This bonus chiefly benefits those who wish to bypass restrictive conditions tied to balance withdrawals. However, as highlighted on our dedicated page, this bonus type still often imposes other limitations, such as withdrawal caps or bonus size restrictions. Nonetheless, we regard any casino providing such offers as deserving of special attention due to the unparalleled advantage of zero wagering requirements.

Promo Codes & Casino Coupons

Bitcoin Casino promo codes and casino coupons are often exclusive treasures offered to specific sites, streamers, or influencers, serving as a unique gateway for new players to access rewarding crypto offers. These codes, arising from close collaborations with casino teams, enable us to present exclusive opportunities like Free Spins, free cash, and favorable conditions like lower wagering requirements or enhanced deposit bonuses. These distinct benefits can only be accessed via unique coupons, vouchers, or codes. While these promo codes offer unique advantages, it’s pivotal to remember they also come with their specific terms and conditions, varying with the type of bonus provided.

Loyalty & VIP Programs

VIP programs are the sanctuaries of lavish rewards and many prizes in the casino realm, where loyal patrons, often those wagering at least $50,000, are treated with exceptional care and attention. This loyalty is reciprocated with unparalleled rewards, elevating the gaming experience. Our comprehensive analysis of various casinos has led to the creation of a dedicated page comparing and scrutinizing the best crypto casino VIP programs in depth. Some of these programs are exclusive and invitation-only, while others transparently disclose the prerequisites to access and commence enjoying the myriad of perks and benefits available.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonuses are exclusive privileges bestowed upon the gambling elite, those who revel in high stakes, where a typical spin is $2 or more, and average deposits hover around $500. These high rollers are often greeted with tailored High roller casino bonuses, enabling them to accrue more benefits than their lower-stake counterparts. For instance, a player willing to deposit $5,000 could receive a match deposit of 180% up to 1 BTC—a scenario that might seem like a dream to some but is standard for high rollers.

Cashback Bonus

A crypto casino cashback bonus is a player-friendly incentive allowing gamblers to recoup up to 50% of their losses, typically granted to high-ranking or VIP players within a casino’s loyalty program. In our view, cashback bonuses are the supreme bonuses a player can acquire, especially those devoid of wagering requisites, enabling players to recover a portion of their expenditures and, thus, extend their playtime. It’s a bonus primarily furnished by casinos keen to sustain player retention, often accompanying initial deposit bonuses or other promotional combos.

Rakeback Bonus

The crypto casino rakeback bonus has gained substantial traction, especially after the ascendancy of Stake Casino. Often confused with cashback, this bonus grants players a percentage of their total wagers back. Unlike cashback, where players receive a percentage of losses, the rakeback bonus is calculated based on a specific casino formula applied to all wagers. This innovative incentive is exclusive to crypto casinos and is distinct from the Poker Rakeback concept.

Top Crypto Casino Welcome Bonuses: Unlock the Best Sign Up Bonus and stay away from the worst

A crypto casino welcome bonus is a special incentive that casinos provide to greet new players, typically by depositing. It’s essentially the casino’s handshake to gamblers who opt to join their platform, aiming to enhance your gaming experience right from the start.

You must understand your preferences and gaming strategies to truly leverage these BTC casino sign-up bonuses. It’s crucial to sift through the various bonuses available to find the one that suits your gaming style while avoiding ones with unfair terms.

What do you get when claiming a Bitcoin sign-up bonus?

In crypto casinos, the sign-up bonus can vary widely, tailoring unique welcome experiences for you. The prevalent offering is a welcome package spread across the initial 3 or 4 deposits. Each deposit bonus within this package generally adheres to similar conditions, but variations might occur in bonus percentages and free spin counts. You can often access perks like entry into a loyalty program or varying cashback rates on losses contingent on the casino’s promotional framework.

Standard terms for a crypto casino sign up bonus include:

  • Wagering demands up to 40x.
  • Bonus duration ranges from 2 weeks to a month.
  • Max bet sizes typically fall between $3 to $5.
  • Additional free spins often come with around a 35x wagering requirement.
  • Cashbacks may lack rollover stipulations, but exceptions exist based on VIP status or specific casino policies.

What did our experience teach us?

Our experience indicates that casinos design bonuses primarily for their benefit, maintaining the house advantage. Nevertheless, some platforms do strive to provide distinctive and equitable offers.

For instance, Hunnyplay provides an admirable bonus for those with limited bankrolls, featuring low wagering requirements. Their bronze package, with a mere 5x wagering requirement and a minimum deposit of $5, is particularly favorable for budget-conscious players. For high rollers and free spin enthusiasts like ourselves, BetFury stands out, offering 1000 Free spins (each valued at $2) with a reasonable 35x wagering requirement on a minimum deposit of $300.

The variety in the Bitcoin casino bonuses is wide, necessitating players to ask:

“What do I want for my gambling time?”

This reflective approach ensures you find a bonus that aligns with your needs and desires, enabling a more tailored and enjoyable gaming experience.

The worst Crypto Welcome Bonus

In our rigorous testing of 126 welcome bonuses, we encountered several markedly disadvantageous crypto offers for players, setting up scenarios where profitable gaming is nearly impossible.

For instance, Fairspin Casino, despite being a commendable platform, extends an unrealistic welcome bonus; a deposit of at least $20 yields a 50% bonus and 10 free spins, subject to a staggering 60x wager in merely 3 days. This bonus exclusively applies to slots, which notoriously harbor a negative expected value 99% of the time.

Avoid these similarly unfavorable bonuses:

  • Weiss Casino: 60x wagering
  • Rocketpot Casino: 100x wagering on deposit bonus

While these platforms are honorable, claiming such bonuses could lead to substantial losses, so we advise enjoying the platforms but bypassing their welcome bonuses.

Terms & Conditions for Crypto Casino Bonus

Casinos strive to balance attractive bonuses with maintaining profitability, especially against bonus hunters who exploit promotions. Casinos implement strict Terms and conditions to counteract the abuse and conform to legal and anti-fraudulent standards. These include wagering requirements and various limits to ensure fair usage of promotions, protect the casino’s interests, and mitigate risks associated with fraudulent activities and money laundering.

Players seeking genuine entertainment and fair play should always review these conditions to understand the obligations and restrictions in availing bonuses, thus ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are pivotal playthrough conditions set by casinos on bonuses, crucial for both casinos to maintain a profit and for players to strategize their gameplay. These requirements have evolved, with earlier times featuring as low as 3x or 5x requirements, but are now typically between 25x to 45x the bonus amount due to previous abuses affecting casino profits.

Any bonus with a 20x wagering or less is considered excellent but necessitates careful scrutiny. Unscrupulous casinos may exploit this to enforce unwarranted conditions on deposits even without bonus claims, a practice we advise avoiding.

Achieving these requirements is challenging, necessitating players to apply effective strategies for winning at slot machines online and maintain meticulous bankroll management to increase winning probabilities against casinos’ inherent mathematical advantage.

Choosing the Right Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Selecting the ideal Bitcoin casino bonus is like choosing a superb pizza place; the right pick promises satisfaction. To maximize the benefit of a promotion, it’s crucial to consider your preferences and the conditions you’re willing to meet. It’s a nuanced decision, balancing personal likes with the strings attached to the offers.

Below, we will delve into key criteria to consider before claiming your intended bonus, offering insights based on our evaluation factors that could potentially help align the bonus with your gaming style and expectations.

Legitimacy and Licensing

In our search for bonuses, we prioritize legitimacy and active licensing, especially focusing on casinos with a robust Curacao license due to its strengthening reputation. A casino’s enduring reputation is a precursor to its operational fairness, a critical aspect we meticulously evaluate.

Bonus Amount & Type

We methodically analyze the type and amount of the bonus, aligning it with our preferences and ensuring its fairness by comparing it to industry standards and meticulously reviewing the terms and conditions. This systematic approach helps in identifying genuinely advantageous offers.

T&C Transparency

A casino’s transparency in terms and conditions is vital. We are wary of unclear or elusive terms as they can question the legitimacy of the platform and the bonus offered. Clear, concise, and easily accessible terms are a green light in our assessment process.

Bonus Duration

We consider bonus duration crucial; the longer, the better, allowing ample time for wagering fulfillment. Bonuses less than a week raise concerns, like the Fairspin bonus with its 60x wagering and 3-day time frame.

Maximum Bet with Bonus

Casinos impose bet limits; we find those with higher limits more advantageous. A $6 limit is commendable, while $2 is restrictive. We believe a $5 limit is balanced, allowing flexibility based on varying bankrolls.

Withdrawal Limitations

Analyzing withdrawal limitations is essential as additional restrictions can mar the experience, especially for substantial wins. While casinos must manage their bankroll effectively, the imposed limits should be reasonable, ensuring players receive a fair amount.

Deposit Method Restrictions

A casino’s transparency in terms and conditions is vital. We are wary of unclear or elusive terms as they can question the legitimacy of the platform and the bonus offered. Clear, concise, and easily accessible terms are a green light in our assessment process.

Games Contribution Percentage

Analyzing games’ contributions to wagering requirements is crucial. Slots typically contribute 100%. Games like Dice, Crash, Plinko, and specific strategies on roulette or blackjack have lower contributions and hence require higher wagering. We delve into each game’s contribution to make informed decisions.

Bonus Code Requirements

Some casinos necessitate promo codes from social media, comparison sites, or newsletters to claim offers. Ensuring the correct promotional code is entered is vital to avail of the specific bonus, enhancing our chances of leveraging the best available offers.

Country Restrictions

As exemplified by CryptoLeo’s limitation on Finnish players for sign-up bonuses, awareness of geographical restrictions is pivotal. These restrictions necessitate a thorough review of the terms and conditions to ensure compliance with varying gambling law regulations in different regions.

Player Reviews & Feedback

We emphasize the importance of perusing player reviews to ascertain the reliability and fairness of a bonus. Our site provides a platform to gather insights and prevent discrepancies arising due to unilateral changes in terms by the casino.

Red Flags & Potential Scams

Identifying potential scams by referring to our blacklisted casinos and staying informed about the gambling market is crucial. We empathize with beginners starting out to look through our comprehensive and meticulous Bitcoin casino reviews, ensuring a secure gaming experience.

FAQs Bitcoin Casino Bonus

How many times can I claim a welcome bonus?

The number of times a welcome bonus can be claimed in a crypto casino may vary depending on the specific casino’s terms and conditions. Some casinos may allow players to claim the welcome bonus only once, while others offer multiple bonuses for the first few deposits.

Are there any geographical restrictions on Bitcoin Casino bonuses?

Yes, there may be geographical restrictions on welcome bonuses in crypto casinos. Each crypto casino may have different policies regarding which countries are eligible to receive welcome bonuses. Some casinos offer bonuses to players from all countries, while others restrict bonuses to specific regions or countries.

It says I claimed the bonus, what if I cannot see it? What do I do?

If you claimed a bonus in a crypto casino and cannot see it in your account, there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue: By checking the terms and conditions, ensure you have met all the requirements to receive the bonus. Contact customer support: If you have completed all of the requirements for the bonus and still need help seeing it in your account, contact the casino’s customer support.

Check your account history to see if the bonus was credited to your account and then subsequently used. You may have missed it or used it without realizing it. Give it some time: Bonuses may take a little time to appear in your account. If you just claimed the bonus, give it time to see if it appears in your account.

Can I opt out of the welcome bonus? If so, what happens?

Yes, in most cases, you can opt out of the welcome bonus in crypto casinos. However, it’s important to note that once you opt-out, you will no longer be eligible to receive the bonus and any associated benefits or rewards.

How long do I have until I can complete the wagering on the casino bonus?

The time you have to complete the wagering requirements on the welcome bonus in a crypto casino will depend on the specific terms and conditions of the bonus. Generally, casinos will set a specific period in which you must complete the wagering requirements to be eligible to withdraw any winnings earned from the bonus. Typically, the period given to complete the wagering requirements on a welcome bonus in crypto casinos ranges from 7 to 30 days.

What are the games that contribute towards the wagering requirements?

The games contributing to crypto casinos’ wagering requirements vary depending on the casino and bonus terms. Generally, slots contribute 100%, while table games and live dealer games may contribute a lower percentage. Table games typically contribute 5-20%, while live dealer games may contribute 0-50%.

Is there a minimum and a maximum bet size?

Yes, in most cases, there is a minimum and a maximum bet size for the welcome bonus in crypto casinos. The specific minimum and maximum bet sizes will vary depending on the casino. Suppose you are still determining the minimum and maximum bet sizes for the welcome bonus in a specific crypto casino. In that case, you can check the terms and conditions or contact customer support for more information.




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