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Wagering Requirements


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June 07, 2024

Wagering Requirements

If you ever wanted to claim a juicy Bitcoin casino bonus, you have surely seen the terms “wagering requirements”. We, as players, fully understand that this is one of the key terms and conditions that gambling sites set for themselves.

After analyzing, from the side of a real depositing player, over 100 crypto casino bonuses, we can define and explain to you what it means and how you can easily wager and beat all the terms to your advantage.

What are Wagering Requirements? Wagering or rollover requirements is a multiplier that tells the players how many times they must “wager” a certain amount of money (bonus) before being able to withdraw. You can find a wagering requirement part of all terms and conditions applied to a casino bonus.

The main function of this T&C is to limit the player from abusing the reward given.

Let’s now make an example to understand it perfectly. For example, one of our favorite casino bonuses is 150 Free Spins without deposit, to activate by Coins Game Casino. The main term is that there are 20x wagering requirements on the winnings.

After playing the 150 rounds on the specific game the casino gave, let’s suppose we got a $70 win out of them. The Wagering condition says 20x. Therefore, we now must multiply the winnings with the wagering to understand how much we need to wager to be able to withdraw such winnings. In this case: 20x$70= $1,400

By playing, which includes winnings and losses, for a total of $1,400 on eligible games, you can now claim, if not automatically, the previous $70 winnings in your balance.

How can you beat the wagering requirements and get the bonus? If you have been asking this question, that means you are on the right path to beat the wagering imposed by the casinos. However, is there a mathematically proven way to do so?

Mathematically speaking, it’s possible. However, there are 3 things that you need to do that:

Lady Luck must be on your side, and you need the volatility on your side Terms and conditions mustn’t be too strict, meaning that you can play any games You have a solid balance that can help you out in wagering. As we will also see later, most of the action happens on slot machines because these games contribute 100% towards the rollover requirements.

Our advice is to follow the best strategies on how to win on slot machines, and you will find the combination that works for you, according to your budget. Beating the wagering is possible if done in a proper way; following a slot strategy is what makes it possible.

In a few words, find low volatility slots and start betting, the consistent payout of slots will keep your balance good for more spins.

Is it really worth accepting bonuses? There are always 2 faces of a coin. The same goes for this case; some players will say it’s worth it, and others are not. Our opinion is that it is worth it if you have a solid bankroll to dedicate to gambling, and if the casino you decide to claim a bonus from offers good conditions, you can beat it.

In our cases, we claim that crypto casinos usually have no deposit bonuses. They give a maximum of $100 to claim, but it’s enough because we know we can do the job and make a win.

What are the best casino games to wager? Bitcoin Casino Table games are the best casino games to wager on, but there is a problem. Most of the time, the wagering on these games is counted at a 5% rate compared to slot machines, which are 100%. Basically, your $1 bet is worth only $0.05 towards the wagering competition.

While Table Games are the best to wager on, Slot Machines are the other available option to dedicate your time to. And as we said, following a slot strategy is the way to increase your chances of withdrawing the bonus and making a profit.

What are the Terms and conditions you should pay attention to? While claiming all the possible bonuses, we understood some crucial information regarding the most important terms and conditions to be aware of.

Lifetime of the Bonus The average time you have for the wagering is about 30 days. Anything that goes under 7 days is to be considered hardcore level. Meanwhile, anything without limits is the best scenario to look for.

Maximum betting size per spin Again, slots are the games that contribute 100% of your betting towards the wagering. So, sometimes, some conditions are tight to the betting size. In this case, the maximum bet per spin can influence, for high rollers, the outcome and how fast you can wager. If there is a huge deposit bonus, you want to ensure you have good limits you can wager upon. Otherwise, your efforts will take too long, and beating the wagering can be challenging.

Make sure to look for a betting size over $2 if you are ready to spend enough during your game time.

Maximum amount withdrawable Ideally, the bonus you claim, if it’s not a no-deposit bonus, has no limits on winnings and how much you can win. We have seen, for example, on Trustdice Casino, that the winnings are capped at a certain amount, in this case, 5,000 USD. A bonus capped at 5,000 is good for players who make an average bet of $0.20 per spin.

Sticky vs Non-Sticky The best-case scenario says that you can withdraw your deposit despite the bonus; this is, by definition, a Non-Sticky bonus. The functionality of this particular type of bonus is that your money is used first for the wagering and the gameplay, meanwhile the sticky bonus you have to wager first the bonus money and you cannot make a withdrawal if you have bonus money.

There are cases where casinos might advertise that you have only 25x, or even less, wagering to do, but the trick is in the terms and conditions, which say that you must wager BONUS + DEPOSIT. This is the worst, in our opinion. The chances of beating the wager are toward the low counts. Meanwhile, finding a bonus with wagering only on the bonus is a great option.

FAQs What happens if I don’t meet the wagering requirements within the time given? If you don’t complete the wagering within the given time, you lose your bonus. If you still have a balance left, you probably have used the real money you deposited already, and therefore, all your balance will be forfeited.

Can I withdraw the bonus and deposit money if I have an active bonus? No, in most of the bonuses casinos offer, you cannot make a withdrawal if you have an active bonus. The best is to cancel your deposit bonus and then withdraw what is remaining in your balance.

What if I am in the middle of a bonus and I want to cancel? Will I lose my money? You might lose your bonus money if you are in the middle of a bonus. In most cases, the terms and conditions say that you will first use the real money deposited and then the casino’s bonus money accredited to your account. So, you might have consumed the real deposit money and won’t be able to withdraw all or part of your deposit.

I finally beat the wager. Can I instantly withdraw my winnings? Yes, you can. The balance will reflect within some minutes, and you can request your withdrawal. If you are playing in fast payout crypto casinos, you can receive your winnings instantly.