The Best Crypto Casino VIP Programs of 2024

Published on

April 29, 2024

Last updated:

May 20, 2024

We independently evaluate all recommended casinos. We may get a commission if you sign up via our links.

There’s no shame in wanting the VIP treatment; most crypto casinos are interested in giving you one. However, you must work your way up in the grand scheme to get to the ultimate VIP status. There are different ways to join a crypto casino VIP program, as some work on invitation only while your climb to the top begins right away in others.

One thing is certain – a Bitcoin casino VIP club benefits both the players and the house. This program allows the casinos to show how much they appreciate their players, thus maintaining their customer base. Likewise, the crypto casino VIP bonus incentivizes the players, rewarding those who dare to spend the most. That’s why this program is so beneficial for both parties.

Take advantage of the Best Bitcoin Casino VIP Bonuses in 2024

Get 20% Cashback for 7 Days

Score up to $1000 + 50 Free Spins on your deposit

Win up to 5,000 USD on your first deposit with the spin of fortune

Get a Bonus on your 1st Deposit of 100% up to $250

What is a Casino VIP bonus?

This casino VIP Program allows you to make the most out of gaming. Those lucky enough to belong to this exclusive club know they will get access to special benefits, including a dedicated VIP manager and higher customer support. However, the monetary benefits usually draw people toward the VIP club – and they can come in many shapes and sizes. You can enjoy many advantages, from cashback to free spins and lucky draws.

If you are interested in claiming this desirable Bitcoin casino VIP bonus, then there are certain requirements you will have to meet. Generally, you need to make large deposits and be fearless when it comes to staking your money. The more money you invest, the easier it will be for you to progress through the levels that VIP programs usually have. Someone who is at level 1 will not experience the same benefits as someone at level 10. You’ll have to investigate your casino’s offer, as every casino will have different benefits for the top-ranking players.

The upside of utilizing the crypto casino VIP program is getting more bang for your buck – but the downside is that you’ll have to spend a significant sum of money to get there. But once you do reach higher levels of the VIP club, don’t hesitate to put the benefits and free spins toward your favorite games. Likewise, feel free to rely fully on the dedicated VIP manager most casinos have at your disposal. They can advise you about the potential risks and benefits of the move you are about to make.

Get VIP treatment from the Best VIP Casino Programs

If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending a lot of cash on casino games, then you are the perfect candidate for a crypto casino VIP program. Joining a casino’s VIP club will allow you to get back some of the money you deposit through free spins, cashback, rakeback, and unique match deposit bonus benefits.

Of course, with the VIP bonus comes the VIP treatment, so you’ll receive a dedicated manager and 24/7 support at your beck and call. While you can play any game after joining this prestigious club, you could focus on VIP slots to maximize your profits. The royal treatment awaits once you choose some of the most reputable crypto casino sites we have mentioned above, as they have significant benefits for the most courageous casino players.

Also, there are some new crypto casinos that comes to the market with a new offer: transfering one's VIP status to another casino. The VIP Status Level Transfer means tha you get to keep your hard earned VIP level and move it across a new reputable site.

A quick overview of the VIP Program each crypto casino offers

In the following sections, we will take a deeper look at each of the Bitcoin Casino Bonus that qualify as a VIP program. The overview of each crypto casino will offer you a great picture of what to expect, how to qualify, and how to get the most out of it. We did join all of them; therefore, our experience will guide you in finding the VIP program suitable for your needs.

Metaspins – Invite only VIP program

Metaspins claims to reward its loyal players substantially. When a player becomes eligible to become VIP, the VIP department will reach out via email. As for now, we have yet to get detailed information regarding the benefits and requirements, but we guessed the information is exclusive to the VIPs.

500 Casino – Super exclusive 500 Casino Rolex

500 Casino VIP club has so many perks that it will be difficult for us to fit them into few short sentences (check their VIP club page). Players can join the VIP club once they reach a minimum level of 500, and the the VIP program is divided into 9 levels, from silver to opal. The casino also gives a super exclusive one-of-a-kind Rolex watch to the first player to reach level 1200 (obsidian). Other rewards include Promotional Bonuses, Rakeback, Weekly Reloads, Lossback, Private VIP Host, and more. Additionally, higher-level players can enjoy additional bonuses such as the Lossback Bonus, which rewards a portion of their losses from the previous month, and the Birthday Bonus, which is only available to KYC-verified users.

Roobet – Exclusive by invite only VIP club

The Roobet VIP Program is an invitation-only club, extending membership only to accounts that meet their strict criteria. When an account meets the requirements, a VIP manager will assist the player with all aspects of their account, including offering personalized service to make their experience second to none. Roobet VIP players can enjoy enhanced bonuses and exclusive promotions and receive mystery parcels from time to time. VIP members also experience world-class events tailored to their lifestyles and preferences.

### Bitcasino – Invite only VIP bonus Their VIP club is available by invite only, and the casino will pamper you with no wagering bonuses, VIP jackpot promotions, and the highest betting limits after joining. To be noticed by the casino and extend an invitation, you must be a high roller who isn’t afraid of taking risks.

Crypto VIP Bonus FAQs: Your Ultimate Guide to High Roller Rewards

Is a VIP program the same as a loyalty program?

A VIP program is not the same as a loyalty program, as you can be a member of the latter without belonging to the former. However, those who advance through the loyalty program have a chance to become VIP club members.

Is there a specific requirement to qualify for VIP? How do I become a VIP member?

Every casino will place its own requirements but, usually, you become a VIP member either by invitation or after proving yourself to be a high roller.

Do I have to join a loyalty program to claim a VIP bonus?

You don’t always have to join a loyalty program, as every casino will notice those players who deposit a lot of money, after which they can be invited to the VIP club.

Does the VIP membership status last forever or do I have to maintain it?

While this is something that largely depends on the casino itself, it’s usually necessary to maintain your VIP status and remain an active player.

Can I withdraw the reward immediately without wagering it?

Every casino has its own rules regarding the terms and conditions of the bonuses, so it would be best to check with your dedicated VIP manager.

How can I claim my VIP bonus?

You can claim a VIP bonus by depositing large amounts of money and wagering big.

How much % is the average VIP bonus/reward?

Those who get to the higher VIP levels can get up to 25% cashback along with other perks and benefits.

What cryptocurrencies are typically offered for VIP bonuses?

This depends on the casino in question, but most will offer Bitcoin for the VIP bonus.

Can I get real money if I become a VIP member?

Some casinos offer cash rewards, luxurious gifts, as well as paid trips for their VIP members.

Published on

April 29, 2024

Last updated:

May 20, 2024

We independently evaluate all recommended casinos. We may get a commission if you sign up via our links.